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Happy 5th Birthday Beanie!

February 1, 2010 2 comments

Bradley turned 5-years-old yesterday!  Can you believe it?  I can’t really say he’s turned into a grumpy old man because he’s been grumpy since the day we brought his hungry behind home.  I know you think I have a serious case of anthropomorphism, but I think he knew it was his special day.  You can tell by the pictures below.  He knows there’s steak and cake up on that counter.  And it’s all for him.

If you could see the portion of the photo that John cropped in to, you’d see a huge drool puddle on the floor where he’s sitting.  Feed me, mama.

Seriously, how long does a beagle have to wait?  That’s his best impression of a patient dog.  You can’t tell from the picture but he was whining quite a bit.

Dear God, when my time comes, I wish to be reincarnated as a dog with a loving family.  A family that feeds me steak and cake on my birthday.  That lifts up the comforter to let me in to bed at night.  That thinks my feet smell like corn chips and likes it.  Amen.

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The Rock Collector

June 18, 2009 Leave a comment

A couple of weekends ago, we took Bradley and Macy to El Dorado Regional Park for a little exploring and much needed exercise.  We were surprised at how big the thing is.  There are a couple of fishing lakes, paddleboating, picnic areas (can’t tell you how many birthday parties and kiddie moon bounces we saw), and apparently an archery range, model airplane and model sailboat areas and a Nature Center – which we couldn’t get into because pets are not allowed.

It even had a resident crane, which the dogs had no interest in.  Maybe because it was the most ginormous bird they ever did saw and feared getting it’s attention just in case it was hungry for lunch.


It was also the weekend Bradley decided to take up a new hobby.  He started his rock collection with the boulders placed around the lakes.  He now has ownership of 5 rocks, claiming them as his own by peeing on them.


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Boo Photo of the Day: Bradley

June 3, 2009 Leave a comment

What could be so interesting to Bean?  It's gotta be a sandwich!

What could be so interesting to the Boo? It's gotta be a sandwich.

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Boo Photo of the Day: Bradley

February 17, 2009 Leave a comment

…and his nemesis.  The toy was originally purchased for Wednesday but she hasn’t gotten a chance to play with the thing because Bean has been monopolizing it.  Bradley can be a little obsessive, and has been exhibiting the full extent of his OCD tendencies with trying to catch this mouse, or more like trying to get it out of it’s plastic housing so that he can shred it to little itty bitty pieces.  He’s succeeded to some degree with the shredding bit as the mouse is now a fur-less plastic mouse-shaped thingie attached to the end of a wire.  He brought it out into the yard at some point to see if the much outdoorsier surroundings can coax little mousy out if his plastic pad.  Here he is trying to figure out how to get it back into the house through the doggie door.  I can almost hear him now…”DAMN YOU DOGGIE DOOR!  DAMN YOU!”



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