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As some of you know, we have yet again added to our motley crew of four-legged children.  John and I have recently started to foster a little fox terrier named Puka, John’s niece’s dog.  She recently moved here from Hawaii with her mom and is now living full-time with her dad, John’s brother-in-law.  She’s young and as to be expected, not always the most responsible when it comes to taking care of her doggie.  With a new school and new friends and homework and soccer, she’s got a full plate without having little Puka to care for.   Although she loves him very much, she’s allowed us to watch over him for a little while.

Bradley and Macy have become accustomed to having another one in the house and they get along just fine [except for the times when they get a little rowdy and can’t share toys as they should, and eventually someone gets a nip].  Winnie on the other hand, has not reacted well to the new roomie.  Although she is confident enough to continue to roam the house [which she doesn’t do when big dogs like Bishop are around], she has yet to warm up to Puka.  She does this hissing, growling thing whenever she sees him.  The two of them have had a couple of confrontations, which I think has frightened Puka a bit.  Winnie can be mean.  He tries his best to avoid her when he can, going around the long way to get from room to room in the house, thinking twice about walking down the hall when he sees her standing sentry at the end of it and accepting that he cannot come inside if Winnie is guarding the doggie-door.  John and I think [hope] that eventually she’ll get over it.

no Puka, you may not come in

no Puka, you may not come in

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