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The Convergence of Fun and Work

I love cheese.  I’ve even grown to enjoy the moldy, stinky, sharp and salty blue cheeses that used to induce in me, a gag reflex so violent, I don’t know how I ever managed to work at a fine dining restaurant in San Francisco that served a cheese that smelled of, to quote Vincent Price, “the funk of forty thousand years” on their cheese plate.  As the pastry cook, I really had no choice but to work with it, but I remember vividly the mockery I used to endure from the chefs – how can I claim to love food and not love that?!?

I’ve put the chef life on temporary hold.  These days, I work in theatrical advertising, helping make those previews and TV spots and web teasers for upcoming movie releases.  I never went to art school.  I never studied typefaces or fonts or their history or their designers.  But working in this industry, I’m constantly exposed to typography and design.  I can even probably recognize and name a font or two.

Ready to play?


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