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A Boo With A Boo Boo

Exciting night last night was.  On the road home looking forward to picking up take-out Peruvian food for dinner when the phone rings.  It’s John telling  me not to pick up dinner.  He just got home and found blood on our furniture.  This is when I start swerving on the road – WTF happened?!?

Well apparently our little Macy had a puncture wound on her right chest area.  Heart palpitations and more swerving from me.  He tells me he’s cleaning her up and taking her to the 24-hour emergency vet.  This is when I hit traffic.  Epic fail!

bandaged-up.  you can see John's sports med experience on how well he wrapped up the area.

bandaged-up. you can see John's sports med experience on how well he wrapped up the area.

So I head home, John and Macy have already left.  I feed the cat and grab Bradley and we’re off to the vet.  We get there just in time to see her and give her kisses before the vet techs take her to get fixed-up.  We have no idea how she ended up with a hole in her chest – thinking fight with Bradley (although when they get into each others faces, it’s the bean that usually comes out bleeding; Macy gets him where it hurts – his floppy ears) or getting jabbed by a stick or twig while playing keep away with the bean.  The latter is more probable we think, but who knows.  She’s definitely not telling us what happened.


she's got some stiches and a drainy thing. should be off on sunday.

486 dollars and 90 minutes later, this is what we brought home.  She looks like a little flower.  Awwwwww….

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  1. Helen
    July 25, 2009 at 3:14 +00:00

    Excited about delicious Peruvian food,
    Until Macy’s accident. Scary mood!
    Thank goodness for emergency vet
    Poor John and Michelle, worried for their pet
    But in just over an hour
    Macy came home, looking like a little flower.

  2. Kiayan
    July 28, 2009 at 3:14 +00:00

    Poor little Macy!
    Shocked that she could have lost a fight….. i suspect some foul play.

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