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What the…?!?!


there is grass under there somewhere

When we moved into the house, we decided that we were going to replace the grass that was growing in the backyard.  It was mostly crab grass anyway and it had this weird bump in the dirt and looked like some sort of bush used to grow there.  There were random holes in the corners and the old grass just made me feel icky.  It was strange grass.  I don’t know who’d been on that grass and what sort of barnyard activities they participated in.  It had to go.

So about a month ago, with the help of his older brother and dad, John dug up the yard and re-seeded it.  About a week and a half after he did that, these little clover-looking things popped up.  We didn’t know what the were and know next to nothing about grass, so we figured maybe they were supposed to be there – like some sort grass-helper plants.  God forbid these were actually weeds growing in our new yard.  But alas, they were.  Weeds had infiltrated our yard!  WTF?  Dashed were our hopes of grassy summertime frolic with the boos.

So this past weekend, we started to weed it.  If only we had nipped it in the bud back when they were little baby weedlings when a mere tiny tug uprooted them.  Now we have to wrestle with these behemoth lawn interlopers, sometimes having to resort to the help of a pliers – our new found favorite gardening tool – to yank them out.

At least someone is enjoying these little Pennyworts.  If only we had a penny for every weed…

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  1. Kiayan
    June 2, 2009 at 3:14 +00:00

    are those lilypads?

    damn the weeds!

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