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My Baby Turns 30

Every year he still gets “Your birthday is on April Fools Day?!?” from someone.  It’s pretty amusing because I suppose having your birthday on April 1st is somewhat of a novelty.

This year was unlike any other year because in the few days before April 1st, I was  given a daily play-by-play/countdown of sorts:

John:  “Hey guess what?”

Me:  “What?” (expecting him to say “chicken butt” which is his usual answer)

John:  “Today is the last weekend that I’ll be in my 20s.”

The next day on the way to work:

John:  “Hey guess what?”

Me: “What?” (too busy watching the road, hoping he doesn’t brake too late even though the car in front of us clearly has, to really notice what he just said)

John:  “Today is the last Monday that I’ll be in my 20s.”


John: “Hey guess what?”

Me: “What?” (you think by now I’dve caught on to the daily “guess whats”, but no, I still ask “what” with all sincerity)

John: “Today is the last day I’ll be in my 20s.” (followed by the sad stick-your-lower-lip out look)

I turn to him and say it’s okay.  I tell him that most people I know who are in their 30s have told me that it’s a wonderful time in one’s life – where things “start to make sense.”

In anticipation of things “starting to make sense” we had a low-key celebration at home by disposing of a mini Tiramisu cake and then trying to do a “hella crispy stunt” or “shred the gnar” or whatever the hell, playing Shaun White Snowboarding on the new Wii Fit, because unfortunately, in addition to things starting to make sense, we’ve also been told that your memory and your metabolism just go straight to hell.  This weekend, we continue the celebration with a visit to Mastro’s Ocean Club in Newport Beach to truly test the metabolism theory.  I hear that have a great butter cake.  And I guess their steaks are supposed to be good too.


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