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30 to Life: Whizzing Past


I checked the wedding countdown clock thingie today and it said that it’s 162 days away!  That doesn’t sound like a lot of time does it?!?  I like saying 5 months better.  It sounds a lot longer than a hundred-and-sixty-freaking-two days.  And everyone keeps saying “it’s gonna go by so fast,”  “that’s not that much time,” and on and on and on.  OK…I GET IT!

Well, at least we have a couple more check marks on the TO DOs.

We booked a photographer – yay!  She’s a talented up-and-comer and she’s gonna do an awesome job.  Our homework assignment from her is to come up with ideas and locations for an engagement session.  Hmmmmm…..  Another decision?  Sure, why not?  We’ve got  like a million so what’s one more? At least I get to buy new outfits and better yet, new shoes!

We FINALLY ordered the Save the Dates too, which were supposed to be done a good month ago but John and I just kept procrastinating, then noodling the design to death.  There’s nothing like a deadline staring you in the face to finally get you to agree on something.

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