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30 to Life: 6 months and counting

Today is the 6-month mark until John and I take that walk.  Kinda freaking.  Just a little bit.  Because we don’t have a photographer booked yet.

For the most part, I’m feeling confident because a lot of the major to-dos are in order:

Church…check.  We even took that test thing and we get the results read back to us this Saturday.

Reception venue…check.  Although the landscaping needs some serious love.

Caterer…check.  Menu finalized and retainer to reserve our date issued.

Wedding dress…check.

And we have fairly concrete ideas on everything else: flowers and decoration and the cake, stationary, reception rentals, John’s wedding day duds, the wedding party’s attire, party favors, car rental and this and that, and that, and that.

But this photographer thing. It’s really concerning.  And John, whose hobby is photography, is so damn picky (and I am too I guess).  We just can’t justify paying what some of these photographers are asking, for mediocre work.  And you know what?  They can ask for those exorbitant prices because people will pay it, and that pisses me off.

We want a certain aesthetic, and unfortunately, professionals who shoot in that style cost a pretty penny (and all the photographers we like seem to already be booked), so we’re trying to get creative. We have some very talented photographer friends whom we’ve asked, but some are reluctant to commit.  And I understand their hesitancy.  First off, there is a sort  of stigma attached to “wedding photographers” – most take the same type of pictures at each and every wedding they shoot,  it’s more of a business than a real art.  I mean seriously, how many pictures of the bride by the window have you seen?!? And second, these very talented but nonetheless non-professional photographer friends of ours,  who have most likely never shot a wedding (and therefore don’t know where to be to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments), have to do so on what is to be one of the most important days in their friends’ lives – talk about pressure.

And so the search continues.


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