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Suggestion of Summer

The mild weather, bringing with it promise of summer, propelled John, the dogs and I off of the couch into the warm sunshine this weekend.  The short jaunt to the beach was much needed and the dogs, as always, enjoyed themselves on the sand and surf.  The warmer months can’t come fast enough and we cannot wait to dig out the beach gear, pack a picnic lunch and head out for full day at the dog beach.  Soon, young grasshopper, soon…  The pleasant weather was short-lived, as it is now drizzling in SoCal again.

First of, before you watch the video below.  I am not, nor will I ever claim to be a editor.  I leave the editing to the future hub.  I took a few clips this weekend and to save you all the horror of having to watch 10 minutes of (cute) randomness, I took it upon myself to cut this ghetto-ass thing together on effing imovie.  It’s a little rough so please be kind.  But what do you think of my text?  Pretty spiffy huh?  I mean, just look at that drop shadow – it’s glorious!

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  1. Kiayan
    April 24, 2009 at 3:14 +00:00

    Holy crap that was the best video ever!

    I was laughing the whole 1:33 minutes.

    More please………….

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