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An oddity of personality

So we all have quirks right?  Some have religious morning routines that must be executed in specific order.  Some people only make right turns in their cars.  Others always have to put on their right shoe first…always.  Some people like to organize their clothes in color order and by arbitrary categories (who, wha…me!?!).

But I think the most prevalent ones involve food.  My friend Jean likes her oatmeal savory – she tops hers with a fried egg and eats it for brekkie.  To be honest, I thought that was quite strange until I read this from Mark Bittman.  So OK Jean, you’re not so strange after all (sort of).  Apparently there is someone out there who chews their sip of soda before swallowing it.  Another friend likes to put shredded cheese over his rice and season it with a little salt and pepper – an Asian Mac and Cheese, if you will.  I know a certain 5-year-old who has asked me to take every single grape off the vine and put them in a bowl or he cannot eat it.  J cannot eat and drink beer at the same time.

Well one of the most oddball food quirks I’ve experienced lately, happens to be one of my brother’s.  You’ve seen the Campbell’s Soup commercial – the one where the kid tops his condensed tomato soup with goldfish crackers.  I don’t find that particularly quirky because I happen to love the tomato and cheese flavor combo (grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato…can you say YUM?)  You can imagine how in awe I was to see him mix goldfish crackers into his rice while having dinner.  Texture he called it.  Texture?  What?  I found it extremely amusing but on the other hand, I wasn’t too too surprised.   After all, my dad likes to eat bananas with cheese and my mom eats literal ice cream sandwiches (ice cream in between two slices of bread) so I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the quirky tree.

goldfish in your soup.  no.  goldfish in your rice.

goldfish in your soup? no. goldfish in your rice.

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  1. palmtreeprojection
    February 20, 2009 at 3:14 +00:00

    I used to eat bulgogi with Oatmeal. YUMMR.

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