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Home Sweet Home

As promised many, many moons ago, here are some before and after photographs of our little home.

Our living room has this awesome coved and tray ceiling  – it was a pain to paint, ask John.  Our fireplace is faux as of now, but not for long as we plan on opening it back up – hopefully the chimney is still in good shape.  Windows are still naked, besides the blinds, and it’s something we have to address sooner rather than later – the little gato has taken a liking to climbing them and has successfully ripped numerous little holes with her talons.

not the Sistine Chapel but we think our ceiling is pretty cool

not the Sistine Chapel but we think our ceiling is pretty cool

One of our first major purchases for the house was this dining table.  We tried to find the largest extendable table we could afford for those big family gatherings.  We all fit – sort of.

mmy dad calls it a "picnic table".  what's the song say?  parents just don't understand.

my dad calls it a "picnic table". what's the song say? parents just don't understand.

We painted the kitchen walls a bright happy blue, painted the cabinets white and the fixtures black.  Holy Jebus those cabinets too forever to do!  We were worried they were going to come out looking less than great but all those late weeknights of painting after work paid off – everyone tells us that they came out looking awesome.  We splurged on the fridge and stove but they are definitely money well spent.

stainless steel splurge

stainless steel splurge

The coolest room in the house, in my opinion, is the one below.  The previous owners used it a laundry room and we think their dog used to sleep there too.  We weren’t about to waste all the nice morning sun coming in from those windows on dirty laundry, so we turned it into a breakfast nook.  It also houses my baking bench.  A room dedicated to baking – eff yeah!

lookie lookie at our breakfast nookie

lookie lookie at our breakfast nookie

And last but not least is the office.  I let John do this room.  He picked the paint color, painted the walls and changed his mind – twice.  See what happens when you leave men to their own devices?  And they say women are indecisive!


There are still a few rooms in progress, so stay tuned.

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  1. January 12, 2009 at 3:14 +00:00

    Looks great, love the breakfast nookie especially.
    Rennovating is such fun.

  2. January 13, 2009 at 3:14 +00:00

    Hey, Cousin! Ate Roda wanted to show me the pictures of your new casa (that weren’t the blurry ones your dad took). It’s so adorable, really. The “picnic”/dining table and the bright blue walls are my favorite things. And I’m really digging the ceiling in the living room.

    We definitely have to come visit soon. :]

  3. Jean
    January 20, 2009 at 3:14 +00:00

    I’m impressed! Good job guys! When we buy our home, you can do our place up!

    “Lookie Lookie at our Breakfast Nookie” …
    hurry up and bake some yummy cookies!!! (for real)

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