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The Bypassed Boos

I think the dogs have been feeling a bit neglected lately, since we’ve moved into the house.  We’re away all day at work while they lounge around on the sofa at home, and when we come home, all John and I do is paint.  I think they are missing the multiple daily walks and lunchtime visits from me, when we still lived close to work and I could run home in the middle of the day to see them.

Macy especially has been acting quite unlike herself the last couple of days.  On Wednesday evening, she scared me half to death.  She spent most of the evening outside in the cold air while John and  I continued to paint the kitchen, instead of in her warm bed in front of the space heater.  We finally made her come inside and when she did, what we had on our hands was a shivering dog, who was panting – at the same time! People who have the flu sometimes sweat and feel cold at the same time so I thought maybe she was sick.  We just moved and had no idea where the nearest 24-hour emergency vet was so I was freaking.  John said give her half an hour and see how she’s doing then.  I sat with her on the couch and she finally fell asleep.  That night, I asked John if they could sleep in bed with us so I could keep an eye on her.  She’s back to her old mischievous self again and John and I have decided that having a yard is no excuse not to take your boos out for a walk.

I felt so bad thinking she might have been sick, and feel bad now that she might be feeling unimportant that I got to remiscing back to when we first brought this little ball of energy home – she was hand picked from a litter of 5 and we couldn’t have picked a better dog.  I mean, look at that face!

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