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We’ve added to our family!

Her name is Wednesday, after Wednesday Friday Addams of the Addams Family.  We were inspired by her color and the fact that she was found mewling, alone and hungry, outside my mom and dad’s house so close to Halloween.  Bradley sniffed her sufficiently when we met her on Saturday evening, and has deemed her harmless and nonpoisonous.  John thinks he’s upset though because I’ve chosen to yet again bring in another source of competition for mama’s attention.  I’ve repeatedly assured him since then however, that he will always and forever be my favorite beaggie.  She is already very attached to Macy – must be their mutual love of the space heater – and likes to follow John around the apartment.

Here she is playing with the dog’s stuffed rat we call “Ratatouille” – he’s bigger than her!

UPDATE 11.03.2008 – Took her to the vet this past weekend.  Bad news is that it put us in the poorhouse – I don’t know why, but I am always surprised at how much these visits cost; I should’ve been a vet!  Good news is that she’s healthy and and weighs a whopping 1 lb. 2 oz.  Dr. Jacks estimates her to be about 5 weeks old and at first, she thought Winnie might have been a boy, but with closer inspection it was confirmed that she is indeed a little girl.

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