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And then there’s the wedding…


So in the midst of buying a house, we are also planning a wedding.  Now I ask you, what mentally stable person would decide to embark on two of some of life’s most important, live-changing, and stressful events within the span of 10 months?  That would be us.  So in between signing the many pages of legal documentation hurled our way in an almost daily basis (all of which needs translation from legalese to English – thanks Hannah!) we’re also trying to plan the wedding of my dreams on a shoestring budget.

To help the cause, John and I decided to cut costs on the reception – so instead of paying a fee to rent the venue we decided to instead BUY IT!  Yes, we are having a backyard reception.  Aha!  Not so crazy for taking on so much after all.  Having a reception at home can save us at least a grand.  At least!  More money for booze!

All joking aside, it’s been tough trying to plan this thing – and we’re only at the beginning stages!  To be honest we haven’t actually made any decisions – besides the date and, I kid you not, I have my dress.  That’s one good thing about not being the girl who likes to shop.

We knew we didn’t want to spend a truckload of cash on it – even if we could, I don’t think we would ever have an over-the-top extravaganza of a wedding.  So being that we’re trying to stay within a reasonable amount of coin to pull this thing off without it looking like, well, a cheap-ass backyard party, I have designated myself DIY Bride.  I am sort of excited, sort of terrified at the thought.  I look forward to researching, designing, planning and executing the many things I can make myself, but I also know that lurking beneath the surface is the bridezilla whose wrath knows no bounds.  I think the first 10 invitations would be fun to assemble, but by the 30th ceremony program, I might just have to strangle someone.  Hopefully the husband-to-be will be able to channel his inner Martha Stewart.

John and I are pretty laid back kind of people, and we want our wedding to be the same.  We want our guests to be comfortable, eat and drink lots and have a good time.  We want them to be able to mingle and chat, without being ordered to pay attention by the emcee for the now, 17th toast of the evening.  My motto is “Just say NO to toasts.”

Up there is our wedding inspiration board.  It’s a work in progress and more decisions – many, many more – have yet to be made.  Good thing John wants to be hands on with this thing.  Right there in the trenches, when it’s time to pick out the envelope color for the save-the dates.  I’m hoping he’ll be as enthusiastic about that as I know he will be trying to come up with our signature cocktail for the day.  Right, babe?

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