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The Inspector Cometh

We got the house inspected this past Saturday.  For an old house, he said it’s in very good shape.  By the way, we loved our inspector – if you need one in the LA area, he is the one to hire.

We climbed up on the roof, and got up into the attic and crawled underneath the house – by “we” I mean John.  There was no way I was gonna go see what creepy-crawlies used our future attic and crawlspace as their former abodes – one of which was birdie who at one point, made a nest in the insulation in the attic.

We were pleasantly surprised to hear that the renovations the previous owners did were up to spec.  According to Mr. Inspector Man, they did a good job and even updated the plumbing and electrical.

All in all, everything checked out great.  There is nothing catastrophically wrong with the house – whew!  The only major thing is the 6′ wide section of our block wall fence that needs to be replaced – seems the next door neighbor knocked it over somehow.  Hopefully, they are nice and will split the cost of the repair with us.  Besides that, just minor maintenance any DIY homeowner can tackle.

A couple more things to tick off the list and soon we’ll be homeowners.  Throughout this whole process, I’ve had an almost calm feeling that everything would fall into place (besides waiting to hear back about our offer).  And so far it has.  We found a great house in our price-range.  Amazing.  We beat out 4 other offers.  Unbelieveable.  And now the house passed the inspection with flying colors, and for something about as old as my grandpa, that’s pretty damn good.

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