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Pterodactyls in my stomach

Butterflies would have been an egregious understatement to describe the willies I’ve been feeling in the pit of my belly of the better part of the week.  We found a house that we loved and placed an offer for it on Monday evening.  It’s Friday afternoon now and we haven’t heard back about a decision yet.  Damn them!

From the first moment John and I stepped into that house, we got the tingles.  When we drove away to head to the next house on our list, we both felt giddy and nervous at the same time.  We knew we wanted to make an offer on it.

I haven’t written about this sooner because a part of me still subscribes to that “don’t jinx it” mentality.  What am I – 12?  But, I argued with myself, The Secret, says that I should visualize, and live life as if my most coveted wish was already a reality (yes, I watched the DVD).  What to do?!  To satisfy both schools of thought, I refrained from putting the past weekend’s excitement about finding the house and the last week of torture down on the proverbial paper which is this blog until now, and talked home-ownership at home with John.  A nice compromise don’t you agree?

I am hoping we won’t have to go through this weekend, questions unanswered, but I have a feeling that we will.

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