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Hi there World!

I’ve never been one to write in journals or anything of that sort but what the heck, it can’t be that bad.  So I’ve decided, like the millions upon billions of people out there to finally, yes indeed, blog.

Would it be about food?  Because I am a little obsessed about all things food – little being a gross understatement.  I love to bake, cook, but mostly eat.  About planning a wedding or buying a house?  Would it be about my infatuation with my fur babies (who I’m trying to figure out how to miniaturize so that I can put them in my pocket and have them with me all the time)?  I’ve been waffly about it so I just figured it could be about all of that.  It’s my blog and I can write long run-on sentences about whatever I want.

I couldn’t really think of anything witty or clever to write about me, so sorry folks, but it’s just gonna be the facts.

Location: Sunny Southern California

Age: I’m 29

Marital Status: Affianced to John and 12 months until the big day.  He’s perfect. Well actually, he’s still a work in progress – one day he’ll pick up his socks, and I’ll get him to do it even if it kills me.

Children: Dog-mommy (or woman who gives us food) to Bradley, Macy and Wednesday.

Profession: I bring home the bacon working as a producer, but plan to open up my own little bakery in the future – hey, I figured I really should do something about that very expensive culinary school education.

I’ve titled this blog Minting Michelle because it will be an account of the making of me.  The fabrication and inventing of who I am.  This blog is not meant to be funny, instructive or even interesting for that matter, although I hope that sometimes it will be.  It’s just a once-in-a-while musing of what’s been going on – exciting, mundane or otherwise.  Probably more in the mundane and otherwise categories, than the exciting though.

So check in periodically to read up on our first-time homebuying adventure, and the excitement (and horror) of planning our wedding.  The occasional share about some fantastic recipe I just tried,  a current crafting foray or my sporadic knitting, or the most recent hole-in-the-wall place we just ate at.  And of course, the many, many, many pictures of family, friends and boos (and yes indeed, there will be lots and lots of boo pictures) that I’m sure will be posted here, and all the other stuff that life brings my way.

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